Fun Twists To Your Fiesta Favorites

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For Filipino families most especially, food is what brings us together. And this is why we look forward to our town fiestas and clan reunions with such excitement, because it’s not only another opportunity to come together, but it becomes a celebration of food, glorious food!

Regardless of what’s on the table – whether it’s an array of pica-picas and sweet kakanin, or an amazing boodle feast served on banana leaves – we’ll eat it all happily together.

For your next family get-together or town fiesta, surprise and delight your guests with your local fiesta faves – but this time served with a truly Pinoy twist!

Here are some amazing and delicious ideas.


Sweet Macaroni Salad

Whether it’s a birthday party, a Christmas reunion or fiesta, be sure to find your mother’s classic fruit salad along with the desserts at the end of the table. For additional flavor, mix a portion of mayo with the cream to achieve that extra sweet and tangy taste.

Try the recipe here.


Creamy Lengua Estofado

You know it’s a special occasion when the matriarch of the family whips up her famous Lengua Estofado. To elevate this heirloom recipe, stir in dollops of mayo as it simmers to get a richer, creamier dish.

Try the recipe here.



The traditional Filipino embotido is a labor of love, and you see this in the meticulous preparation and detail in the presentation. Use mayo to help bind the ground pork with the other ingredients for a denser and more satisfying bite.

Try the recipe here.


Creamy Afritada

Another familiar and well-loved dish on the Pinoy fiesta menu is the Chicken Afritada. Made with sweet bell peppers, potatoes, carrots and peas, the sumptuous dish makes for a beautiful display of colors and flavors. To achieve a more tender chicken, add a few spoons of mayo into the dish as it simmers.

Try the recipe here.


Fried Chicken Wings

For extra crispy chicken, coat the chicken wings in mayo that’s seasoned with a little salt, pepper and calamansi for taste. The mayo ensures that the chicken is coated evenly and allows the meat to stay moist throughout the deep-frying process.

Try the recipe here.


When making your Pinoy fiesta dishes, use Lady’s Choice Real Mayo, which is made with 100% real eggs and a rich blend of spices and healthy oils. It’s an essential ingredient to creating those memorable dishes.

Don’t forget to stock up before those big occasions.

What other dishes are your favorites to serve during fiesta time? Tell us!

For more fiesta-party recipes using Lady’s Choice Mayo, visit


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