Level Up Your Family Dinner with Mango Salad

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Mangoes are among the best fruits for kids. It’s rich in vitamins and fiber, but the main reason children love eating mangoes is the sweet taste of its golden flesh. Because mangoes are the Philippines’ national fruit, Mango Salad or Ensaladang Mangga is a well-loved appetizer served at home and in restaurants. Starting your meal with a refreshing salad is a great way to set the tone for the rest of your meal. And now that mangoes are in season, you should use their sweetness to your advantage!

You will never run out of ways to enjoy mangoes. You can add it to salads, desserts, juice, and salsas. Overall, we should be proud of our local produce, seeing that the Carabao mangoes are still considered one of the sweetest fruits in the world.

Mango Salad is a refreshing alternative to your typical garden salad that’s best served creamy — the perfect counterpart to savory ulam. Amp up the sweetness with Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise, any home cook’s secret weapon for the ultimate salad. Here are some of our favorite mango salads to make:

Mango Salads You’ll Love

A bowl of salad with mangoes, avocados and vegetables

Ready to try Mango Salad for your next Sunday dinner? Here are a few mango salad recipes from around the world. Don’t forget that whichever you choose, you can always customize it to fit your palate!

Pinoy-style Mango and Tomato Salad

This one works best as a side dish. It skips the leafy greens in favor of tomatoes, which add a refreshing sourness that contrasts with the fruit’s sweetness.

It is the perfect accompaniment to inihaw of any kind. To pull it off properly, use a delicious vinaigrette to bind all the flavors together.

Thai-style Mango Salad

For this one, you’ll need green mangoes, which bring some acidic sourness that pairs well with the fish sauce and sugar in its dressing.

Pro tip: You can try using ripe mangoes for this dish if you want an extra helping of sweetness. Just add a little bite to it by upping the amount of lime or calamansi to balance the flavors, just like some people do when they eat papaya.

Mediterranean Mango Salad

Want to put an exotic trip to the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean on your plate? Try making this salad with feta cheese, mint, and leafy vegetables.

To make Mediterranean Mango Salad dressing, combine olive oil and balsamic or red wine vinegar to even out the sweetness with a little sourness. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can forgo the cheese and the vinaigrette and replace them with a combination of Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise and a little calamansi.

Traditional? No. Delish? Absolutely!

Modern Shrimp Mango Salad

If you’re feeling fancy, you can add some of everyone’s favorite crustaceans. You’ll need leafy vegetables for this, too, and you could even choose the less-dainty options such as bok choy or kailan.

Make this salad even more interesting with a delicious dressing. Try mixing Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise with a few squeezes of lime and some grated ginger to form a complex, layered taste that you’re sure to love.

As delicious as they are, eat mangoes in moderation. A healthy way of eating is balancing out the nutrients with various ingredients. This mango season, amuse your family with unique mango recipes, like the Mango Salad recipes listed above, or pour some Mango-Mayo Dressing into any salad. That way, your family can eat mangoes every day without feeling bored!

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