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Who We Are

Lady’s Choice helps moms whip up delicious dishes and proudly recognizes them for the love they give every day. We are here so she can transform ordinary meals into extraordinary moments.

We want to make sure that the dishes she prepares make her kids hum with delight, be excited for every bite, and have them thanking her with warm hugs and kisses – in turn, making her feel like she’s the best mom in the world.


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Lady’s Choice was first established in California. It started as a quality food brand with a wide range of products under its umbrella – canned meats, pickled vegetables, jams, and spreads.

The brand made its way to Philippine shores in 1955, introduced to the country by California Manufacturing Company (CMC). For decades the brand thrived by creating products with the best ingredients, tailor-made for Filipino families.

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In 2000 UNILEVER acquired CMC, ushering in a new era for the brand. Around this time, a new design was created for Lady’s Choice, closer to the one we know and love today. This redesign also renewed the brand’s emphasis on quality ingredients.

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