Send your loved ones a Mac-A-Sama Kit this Christmas!

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A lot of things have proven to be challenging and uncertain in this” new normal” we are all living in. But, if there’s one thing that still holds true even in these unprecedented times, it’s that we will always show our loved ones how much we care about them no matter how tough things get.

One way this has proven to be true is through our behavior of sending the people we love little care packages or personal “ayuda” packages, mostly consisting of food we know they will love! And now that Christmas – the season of giving – is upon us, let’s continue this touching and heartwarming act of love to keep showing our loved ones just how much we care about them! After all, part of what makes Christmas the wonderful season that it is, is the joy of giving those we care about something that puts a smile on their faces! But sometimes, it can take forever to figure out the perfect gift for them! If you haven’t decided what to get for your favorite people yet, why not share some love with them by sending over a Lady’s Choice Mac-A-Sama Kit to make their Christmas extra special?

Mac-A-Shama Kit

The Mac-A-Sama Kit includes all the essentials you need to create a delicious Macaroni Salad – A jar of Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise, macaroni pasta, a wooden spoon for mixing, and a bowl with a red ribbon wrapped around it that you can use to serve the dish! (Fresh ingredients such as carrots, pickled relish, onions, chicken, and pineapple are not included in the kit as these items are best bought fresh to ensure the best quality for your macaroni salad.) A recipe card is also included which contains the recipe for either the Creamy Sweet or Creamy Chicken Macaroni Salad. But aside from just recipes, the recipe card also has a scannable QR code to give you access to more Noche Buena favorites, downloadable video chat backgrounds, and online or intimate reunion ideas for the whole family! 

And lastly, the Mac-a-Sama Kit comes in a cute and cool tote bag that some would say is already a gift in itself! It comes in three different designs and is reusable all-year round! Definitely the perfect “ayuda” for your family members this Christmas to make their celebrations extra special. 

Lady'sChoice Make a sama Kit

Send your loved ones a Lady’s Choice Mac-A-Sama Kit! Now available on Lazada, Shopee, UStore, GrabMart, and PandaMart for only P499 with free shipping! 


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