Making the most out of your 2020 Christmas reunions!

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The holiday season is always an exciting time for us Filipinos. Every year, as early as September, we can already feel Christmas in the air and the airwaves as the cool weather breezes in. We see the festive décor goes up, and Christmas music starts playing all around us. But this year, given the current pandemic situation, a lot of us have been wondering, will there be a Christmas to celebrate this year? 

As seen in the Lady’s Choice Christmas film “Makasama Ngayong Pasko”, it’s been a long and lonely six months for Ronald, Ed, and Jasmine, as they were stranded or separated from their families due to the pandemic. But to make sure they get to have an extra special Christmas, their family members ended their isolation and surprised them with the reunion they’ve been longing for, together with their favorite Noche Buena dish – Lady’s Choice Macaroni Salad! 

Whether they were separated by circumstance or by choice, these three families represent what many Filipinos are going through right now. Watch the film here.

The Midas Touch of Mayonnaise

While it’s clear that the way we celebrate Christmas will be different, that doesn’t mean that we can’t make it special! Why not have a small and intimate reunion with immediate family, or even try hosting an e-reunion with family and friends? Whichever you choose, you can make it extra special by sharing the love with your loved ones with a Lady’s Choice Mac-A-Sama Kit! Learn more about the Mac-a-Sama Kit.

Celebrating Intimate Reunions 

The Midas Touch of Mayonnaise

A safe way to make Christmas happen this year is to have an intimate celebration with your immediate family. While we are used to big and grand celebrations, a small and intimate one can be just as special, surrounded by good company and good food – like the classic or sweet Macaroni Salad!

Here are some tips to make your intimate reunion special.

1. Playing Games

Games are a great way to bond with your family members over the holidays! And since you’ve been together at home with them for months, why not make it interesting by playing a quick game of charades and acting out the cute and funny traits you’ve noticed about each other? Whoever does the best impression is exempted from doing the dishes!

2. “Ugly” Exchange Gift

Aside from the gifts you’ve personally picked out for our loved ones, you could also do an “ugly” exchange gift where you get them a funny and random gift to put a smile on their faces. Could be a sweater, flip-flops, or anything that has a funny design that will make them laugh!

3. Preparing a Lady’s Choice Macaroni Salad together!

Christmas traditions can still live on this year. Aside from being delicious, a Macaroni Salad is perfect for the family because it’s a dish you can all have a role in preparing together! 

Celebrating E-Reunions

Another safe way to celebrate with more people we haven’t seen in a long time is by having an online / e-reunion! This way, we can have the big reunions we’re used to having and see all of our loved ones that we usually see during the holidays or special occasions. Here are some ways you can make your online reunion extra special and fun!

LadysChoice Christmas-reunions

1. Matching Video Chat Backgrounds

Make it feel like you and all your family members are in the same place by having matching video chat backgrounds for your online family photo! We’ve made some designs especially for you! Choose a background that best fits your family’s online reunion! Click here for the Lady’s Choice Cozy Reunion(.jpg) or the Lady’s Choice Classy Reunion(.jpg).

2. Virtual Versions of Your Favorite Games

Think of a creative way to bring the games you play at a physical reunion to the virtual world for your e-reunion! It could be a playful Bring-Me game where you assign a host to call out Christmas items around the house, and the first one to bring it to the screen wins! Like an ornament, gift wrapper, or a Lady’s Choice Mayonnaise jar!

3. Macaroni Salad Making Online!

Send your loved ones a Lady’s Choice Mac-A-Sama Kit and follow the three easy steps in making the dish together while you’re video chatting online! And once it’s done, you can enjoy the dish together, too! Gift a Lady’s Choice Mac-A-Sama Kit to someone special.

Together, let’s make this Christmas the most special one yet! Lady’s Choice wishes everyone a safe and special Christmas!


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