Make Christmas Family Reunions Special With Jose Mari Chan, Mimiyuuuh, Ariel Rivera, & Lady's Choice

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Holidays in the Philippines have always been a time for family reunions. However, stay-at-home protocols and social distancing throughout the pandemic put a damper on this well-loved tradition. Most Filipinos have been waiting patiently since 2020 to reunite with extended family and celebrate Christmas together.

Thankfully, social restrictions have started lifting, and the world is normalizing again. It seems that reunion season is finally making a comeback! Lady’s Choice welcomes it with a special collaboration with three modern Filipino icons. Take tips from them and #MacReunion na this Christmas with your nearest and dearest!

#MacReunion With Lady’s Choice

Jose Mari Chan, Ariel Rivera, and Mimiyuuuh surprising a family with carols and a holiday gift basket

The all-star lineup features Jose Mari Chan, the Father of Philippine Christmas and the newest Lady’s Choice ambassador. There’s actor and OPM legend Ariel Rivera, known for his original holiday tunes, including the radio hit “Sana Ngayong Pasko.” Top YouTuber, content creator, and lip-syncing queen Mimiyuuuh rounds out this merry cast.

Together, they do their version of car-aoke. They continue the festivities by surprising one family with spirited carols on their doorstep. After all, it’s not a true Filipino Christmas celebration without caroling! To complete their merry visit, they gift the family a basket of holiday treats and essentials.

Together with Lady’s Choice, the trio invites Filipino families to make this year’s Christmas an extra special one. Jose Mari Chan even composed a catchy and uplifting song to mark the occasion. Add it to your holiday playlist and sing along: “Tara na, #MacReunion na! Magsalu-salo tayo, tara na! Mag-macaroni salad na!” Stream it with other Filipino holiday tunes, all available on Spotify and their Paskong Pinoy Playlist.

How to Make Christmas Family Reunions Extra Special 

Two siblings hugging each other after reuniting for Christmas

Are you excited to see your whole family together again? It’s never too early to start planning! Here are a few things you can do to ensure a fun and memorable reunion.

1. Invite your loved ones over.

Of course, you can’t have a Christmas get-together without guests. If you’re the designated organizer for this year’s festivities, like Cristy Velasco of the Tupas family, then it’s your job to make sure everyone gets their invite. Got siblings or cousins you haven’t seen in a while? Reach out to them early so they have enough time to prepare!

The holidays can be overwhelming, so expect to work around each other’s jam-packed schedules. If some relatives can’t make it due to unforeseen issues, have them join in through video call, so they don’t completely miss out on the festivities.

2. Plan a menu with everyone’s holiday favorites.

Do you love setting a theme for reunions or prefer a looser “anything goes” approach? Either way, your party will be a hit if your menu covers all-time Filipino favorites. You can’t go wrong with classic macaroni salad, Pinoy-style carbonara, and celebratory beef caldereta paired with rice.

3. Shop for your ingredients.

A big bowl of macaroni salad with a red bow and a jar of Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise

Once you sort out your menu, list everything you need to make it happen. Try shopping for shelf-stable ingredients before the holiday rush to catch better deals! And make sure to stock up on versatile essentials, like Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise. You can use it to make a variety of dishes, including all the ones listed above.

4. Bond in the kitchen by cooking together.

Make the most of your family get-together by sharing in the simple joys of kitchen work. Delegate tasks and get the whole clan involved! Maybe some members have specialties they’d love to share. For the Tupas family, Mercy is the best at making homemade macaroni salad. They rely on her recipe and help her out with assembly.

Splitting the load makes the process more efficient and allows for more catch-up opportunities. In the end, you’ll get to dig into a one-of-a-kind spread made possible by your combined efforts.

5. Play fun games, launch into sing-alongs, and engage in other activities.

A Filipino family playing a game of “scoop the money” at a Christmas party

Virtual parties made socially distant holidays a little more bearable in past years, but they just weren’t the same. After all, the primary purpose of reunions is to keep each other company. There’s nothing quite like being in the same place as the people you love. Now that you get to reunite with family and friends, don’t hold back!

Bring out the karaoke machine and sing your heart out – make Ariel Rivera proud. Go caroling and greet your neighbors a la Jose Mari Chan. Dance with the energy of Mimiyuuuh in one of her viral TikTok videos. Take on trending party games like the “scoop the money” challenge. Have fun creating new, in-person memories to make up for lost time.

What are you waiting for? Make this a Christmas you’ll never forget with back-to-back family reunions. Enjoy homemade comfort food, crank up the music, bond over wholesome activities, and finally catch up on each other’s lives. #MacReunion na!

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