10 Jose Mari Chan Songs for Your Noche Buena Playlist

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What makes Christmas celebrations unforgettable? Yes, all the people you get to spend them with, like friends and family, are the heart of the season. But colorful decorations, delicious food, and festive music are also there to enhance the experience. For Filipinos, that last one usually means singing along to Jose Mari Chan songs.

In the Philippines, Jose Mari Chan doubles as “the Father of Christmas Music.” Pinoy kids know three Christmas figures: Santa Claus, Jesus Christ, and this grinning, 77-year-old singer-songwriter. Everyone can name at least one Christmas song title he sang or composed. His discography is full of hits that can make any holiday event extra special – like Noche Buena. Want to make yours a dinner to remember? Curate a playlist of his best songs to accompany your feast!

10 Jose Mari Chan Songs for Noche Buena

A record player with a Santa hat and Christmas lights in the background

Track 1: “Christmas in Our Hearts”

There’s no better way to start your festivities than with the most iconic of Jose Mari Chan’s holiday songs. Everyone is sure to feel the Christmas spirit once they hear the words, “Whenever I see boys and girls selling lanterns on the streets...” Play this tune as your loved ones arrive at your door to create a cheerful atmosphere when you’re all finally together.

Track 2: “#MacReunionNa

Your Christmas reunion wouldn’t be complete without your special macaroni salad, made with Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise. Serve it alongside Jose Mari Chan’s latest jingle and sing along to its joyful lyrics: “Magsalo-salo tayo, tara na!”

Track 3: “Do You Hear What I Hear?”

Have this queued up in time for appetizers. Dozens of renditions of this beloved classic are available, but Jose Mari Chan’s version hits differently. It’s the perfect background music for catching up with friends and family over festive treats like crispy potato balls.

Track 4: “A Perfect Christmas”

Once the family’s around the dining table, make it a moment to remember with this charming tune in the backdrop. It’ll add movie magic to the simple tradition of eating yummy food together. Bring out the creamy carbonara, glazed ham, and special caldereta – it’s time to dig in.

Track 5: “Little Christmas Tree”

At this point in the night, all that’s left to do is enjoy each other’s company. Share your best stories from the past year with full tummies, happy hearts, and lots of laughter. All the while, this slow, sentimental song can play in the background to wrap you in a cozy embrace.

A top view of a Christmas dinner table with a roast chicken, vegetable sides, salads, cheeses, and wine glasses

Track 6: “The Sound of Life”

Is everyone done with their entrees? Great! Complete the meal with something sweet. For many, dessert is what they look forward to most in a big feast, so make sure to set the mood. Accompany that first big bite of decadent chocolate cake and every spoonful of buko pandan with this spirited, larger-than-life tune.

Track 7: “The Bells at Christmas”

If your family likes to do a yearly Christmas day countdown, then this is what needs to be playing around midnight. Gather everyone for a sing-along by the tree and get excited about the gifts waiting under the Christmas tree. Don’t forget to snap a few family photos, too!

Track 8: “A Wish on Christmas Night”

“Sing a song and light up the lights, we need to make this Christmas bright,” sings Jose Mari Chan in this merry melody. Have this track on repeat as everyone gives out gifts, says thanks, and tears into those colorful wrappers. Make the whole event even sweeter with cups of hot cocoa and a plate of warm cookies ready for sharing.

Track 9: “Christmas Moments”

Now that the most exciting parts of the festivities are over, it’s time to wind down before all the hugs and goodbyes. This track is about looking back with fondness on “magic moments in December” – full of love, kindness, and giving openly to others. No matter what happens, you’ll remember this Noche Buena for years to come.

Track 10: “Let Love Be the Gift”

Saying farewell to your friends and family, especially on Christmas day, can be challenging. Everyone will want to stay together to keep bonding over good food and heartwarming stories. But don’t be too sad! This little ditty offers a reminder: “Each day of the year can be Christmas if love is the gift from you.” Besides, you’ve got New Year’s to look forward to!

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Experts say that listening to music reactivates areas of the brain associated with memory and emotion. That means playing Jose Mari Chan songs this holiday season can make family time harder to forget and closer to everyone’s hearts. Just press play like you’re scoring your own real-life Christmas movie!

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