How to Dress Up a Back-to-School Fried Egg Sandwich

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When all other baon ideas seem too tricky to throw together, a fried egg sandwich will never fail you. It’s healthy, easy to make, and requires only basic pantry staples like bread, eggs, and spreads. You can have it as a light snack for merienda or a filling meal with some add-ons. 

As dependable and versatile as it is, a plain fried egg sandwich just gets boring after a while. Thankfully, there are countless ways to dress it up without sacrificing convenience. Below, you’ll learn how to make better egg sandwiches (with ease!), plus get suggestions for what to cook next.

How to Make Better Fried Egg Sandwiches

A plate with buttered toast and a fried egg on top

These adjustments to your usual egg sandwich procedures seem minor, but they make a world of difference. Try them out!

1. Perfect your egg cooking technique.

You want to start with perfectly cooked eggs. First, figure out how your family likes their fried eggs. There are four general types, each distinguished by the “doneness” of their yolk. Sunny-side up and over-easy have runny yolks; over-medium is on the jammy side, while over-hard is fully set. No matter which way you go, your eggs will turn out great if you follow these simple tips:

  • Use a nonstick pan and spatula to keep your eggs intact.
  • Add enough oil or butter to cook the eggs.
  • Get your pan and the fat to the right temperature, aka sizzling hot but not smoking. You’ll want your whites to cook while your yolk stays runny.
  • Baste your eggs with the extra oil or butter for crispy edges.
  • Season with salt and pepper while hot, just before serving.

2. Go for scrambled.

For a less messy eating experience, turn to scrambled eggs instead. As a bonus, they’re easier to cook since you won’t have to worry about keeping the yolk whole.

To achieve a fluffy, creamy scramble, add a dollop of Lady's Choice Real Mayonnaise to your mixture and cook your eggs over low to medium heat. Take them off the stove while they’re still slightly runny. The residual heat from your pan should cook them through without making them rubbery.

3. Use different types of bread.

Pandesal is always there for you, especially if you have a nearby suki. But keeping your sandwiches interesting means changing the bread you use from time to time. White bread is a classic option – slightly sweet, super soft, and a favorite for baon.

Whole wheat loaves are a healthy, fiber-rich alternative to white bread: they function the same while packing more nutrients per slice. You can also try bagels and English muffins! The former is sturdy and features a delectably chewy texture, while the latter is best for fast food-inspired creations. Homemade sausage McMuffin, anyone?

4. Experiment with flavors and fillings.

Condiments are an easy way to elevate a basic sandwich. You can never go wrong with mayo, but how about trying something with extra oomph? Lady’s Choice Ham Spread contains real ham, sweet pimientos, carrots, celery, and pickle relish for a meatier bite. 

Spread it on toast, top it with eggs, and you’ll have a super tasty sandwich even before adding anything else! Finish it with deli meat, cheese, and fresh veggies for an ultra-filling sammy.

5. Toast bread until crispy.

Before toasting your bread, always slather both sides with fat for maximum crispness. Butter burns quickly, while oil doesn’t add much flavor – unless you’re using the expensive stuff, like olive oil. So instead, use mayo, aka the secret weapon to a golden brown and crispy crust.

 5 Easy Egg Sandwich Recipes to Try

A cutting board with a bacon and egg bagel

Sometimes, all it takes to make a bland sandwich taste grand is to add something new. Think of your egg sandwich as a base you can keep building on.

1. Cheesy bacon and egg

Nothing says “breakfast egg sandwich” like bacon, cheese, and eggs on buttery brioche. This one’s on the heftier side, so cut it in half if you’re packing this for someone with a small appetite. Alternatively, use pandesal or dinner rolls for a mess-free meal you can hold in one hand.

2. Peanut butter and egg

Singaporean brunch chain Nanyang is known for its kaya toast, but its peanut butter, bread, and soft-boiled egg (for dipping!) set is equally delightful. The combination is sweet, savory, and filling. Make it an on-the-go treat by sandwiching a jammy, over-medium egg between two pieces of toast with peanut butter. No utensils required!

3. Creamy avocado, tomato, and egg

Still can’t get enough of avocado toast? Here’s a new way to do it! Mash and season your avocado then spread it all over toasted bread. Top with fresh tomatoes – go for the bite-sized, sweet, and juicy cherry variety. Add an egg, cooked the way you like it. Top with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar to brighten it up.

4. Scrambled egg and tomato grilled cheese

In this fried closed sandwich recipe, scrambled eggs meet kids’ menu champion grilled cheese for something comforting and nostalgic. To make it, place your bread on a heated nonstick pan, then layer on your favorite cheeses. Make sure the bread has mayo on both sides! Once the cheese is slightly melty, top it with scrambled eggs and another bread slice. Press down to lock those goodies in, then flip to toast the other side.

5. Egg-in-a-hole French toast

Kids love food in funky shapes, which is why a classic egg-in-a-hole never fails to make them smile. Instead of going for the usual (plain toast with butter), try a French toast version. Just drench stale bread slices in milk, eggs, and sugar, then toss them in a frying pan. Take a cookie cutter (use the fun ones if you have them!) and cut the center out. Crack an egg into the hole, then fry.

5 Versatile Sandwich Ingredients to Mix and Match

Overhead view of grocery essentials like eggs, tomatoes, cheese, and bread

Always have these ingredients in your fridge or pantry so you can make a winner sandwich every day of the week.

1. Good-quality bread: Find a panaderya near your home so you can source just-baked bread daily. If you’re buying from the supermarket, check the "best before" date to get something as close to fresh as possible.

2. Fresh eggs: Since eggs are the star of egg sandwiches, see if you can splurge a little on organic or pasture-raised options. They’re better for you and the chickens, too.

3. Tasty sandwich spreads: Stock up on condiments! They’re a foolproof and budget-friendly way to upgrade a plain sandwich.

4. Melty cheese: American, Swiss, cheddar, and Gouda regularly show up on lists for the best sandwich cheeses. Find your favorite and keep a stash ready.

5. Tomatoes: Most sandwiches can benefit from sliced tomatoes. They make every bite a little juicier while adding freshness and flavor. Plus points for the vitamin boost!


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