5 Unique Egg Sandwich Recipe Ideas Your Kids Will Love

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Egg sandwiches are a perfect lunch or snack to make for your kids. Many countries offer iterations of the classic egg sandwich recipe. For example, Japan has the fluffy tamago sando, an egg mayo sandwich, while the United States has a famous egg-filled breakfast version. The main ingredient is full of good protein to boost metabolism, making it an ideal food item for kids. Apart from its tasty and healthy benefits, you only need a few pantry staples and less than 10 minutes of your time to make it.

But as we all know, kids’ tastes can be fickle. They may prefer a crust-less sandwich one day, then demand them intact the next. Maybe they love eggs today, then hate them tomorrow. Children can change their minds quickly, so you must switch the menu around now and then to keep them interested and excited to eat.

If you want to shake up the usual creamy egg salad spread, here are five unique egg sandwich recipe ideas that will get your kids snacking!

Egg and Cheese Roll-Ups

An easy way to mix it up and make sandwiches more exciting for kids is to make them look cool and unique. Roll-ups are an ideal way to transform a standard egg sandwich recipe without much effort! Use soft sandwich bread for this idea since it makes rolling easier.

Start by cutting the crusts off your bread (use wholegrain for the fiber and extra vitamins and minerals). Roll the slice with a rolling pin until it’s nice and flat. Place a cheese slice or single on top, then spread some egg salad along one end. Be careful not to put too much or rolling will be a challenge. Make a tube with the bread. You can serve it as is or cut it a la sushi.

Ham and Egg Stars

Sandwich with white bread egg and ham cut into a star shape. Placed in a blue Tupperware on top of a bed of vegetables

Who wouldn’t want to eat little sandwiches shaped like stars? Using a cookie cutter is a convenient way to put a twist on any basic sandwich. You can find cookie cutters in whatever shape your kids like at your local bake shop or e-commerce.

Start by assembling your sandwich. Spread a thin layer of Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise on a slice of bread. You can add anything to your sandwich, but scrambled eggs and ham (or bacon) are a failsafe combination. Shape your sandwich using a cookie cutter. Serve to your kiddos, and keep the leftover sides as a snack for yourself! Whichever shape you choose will surely catch your little ones’ attention.

Egg and Cheese Sandwich Skewers

Another way to give your egg sandwich a makeover is to use skewers. You can use any bread, but coarser ones like rye are best.

Make your egg sandwich the usual way, then slice it into small squares. Put them on skewers with other ingredients, like sliced Spam, cheese cubes, cut-up hot dogs, folded-up ham, cucumber rounds, and even cherry tomatoes or grapes. It's a fun and quick way to ensure your kids get a balanced meal. You can do it Pinoy barbecue-style or with shorter sticks like a pintxo. Either way, make sure to use kid-friendly skewers.

Bacon, Egg, and Avocado Burrito

Burrito filled with avocado, egg, and bacon, cut into 3 and served on a square white plate on a wooden table

If your kids are bored of sandwich bread, try using tortillas and make them a burrito instead! Burritos are an ideal portable lunch option because you can pack them with filling to keep your kids nourished and full.

Make an egg burrito by warming up the tortilla first. Lay each side down for a few seconds on a large frying pan and set aside. Slice your avocado and fry the bacon until extra crispy. Whisk your eggs with a tablespoon of Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise to make them extra creamy and fluffy. Season to taste with salt, pepper, or other spices. Cook your eggs the same way you would scramble eggs. Once done, you can assemble your sandwich!

Add your egg filling in a line down the middle. Fold up the sides over the eggs and then roll the burrito. Wrap it up in foil, then cut it in half for easy serving! To switch things up, you can try making a curried chicken sandwich with your leftover tortilla.

Egg and Cheese Waffle Sandwich

Dust off your waffle maker and use it to make some sandwiches instead! Assemble your sandwich as you typically would: start with a slice of bread, then cheese, creamy egg spread, and another piece of bread on top. Be sure not to overfill your sandwich as it might leak out inside the waffle maker and burn. Keep it simple! Put your masterpiece in the waffle maker until golden brown and toasty. Your kids will love the extra crunch and the fun pattern from the waffle maker. A sandwich maker works just as well.

These egg sandwich recipe ideas are a great way to mix things up for your kids. Keep them interested and excited to eat their lunch by making the meal together. It's not only a great way to bond but it also encourages independence and confidence and improves fine motor skills. An activity that ends with eating is a guaranteed good time!

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