Creamy Goodness: Mayonnaise Uses and Hacks to Cook Lip-Smacking Meals

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Is there a condiment more versatile than mayonnaise? The main components of this condiment are eggs, oil, and an acid like lemon juice or vinegar – three ingredients you frequently utilize in cooking. Mayonnaise uses are a dime a dozen. You can logically adapt it in multiple ways, even in ways non-mayo lovers will love. 

While it's hard to beat mayonnaise in sandwiches and salads, here are seven clever and creative mayonnaise uses that will guarantee you always have a jar on hand.

1. Mayonnaise Keeps Your Desserts Moist

Sliced banana pecan loaf on wooden board set on table

What do baked goods and mayonnaise have in common? Eggs and oil! Mayo can make your cakes, brownies, and cupcakes more moist, fluffy, and delectable. Lady’s Choice Mayonnaise makes this recipe for banana pecan bread more special and gives it a unique twist. You won't be able to detect that characteristic tang, but you will notice the light and moist texture after your first bite.

2. Mayonnaise Makes Your Food Crispier

Two halves of a crispy grilled cheese sandwich on a white plate with ketchup on the side, set on a table

We’re pretty sure you’ve mastered this hack of using mayo instead of butter on your sliced bread for a grilled cheese sandwich with a crunchy, crispy mouth feel on the first bite—it’s a sure hit with kids!

But did you know that this can also make the outer skin of meats and potatoes deliciously crisp? Try it with fried chicken wings. Not only does it make your chicken deliciously crispy, but it also cuts out the use of eggs and flour. Simply dip your chicken wings in seasoned mayo and then dip them in breadcrumbs before frying. The result? A savory snack your kids won’t be able to get enough of!

3. Mayonnaise Works Well as a Binder

Sliced moist embutido loaf on a wooden board with a wooden spoon containing mayo beside it

You may want to rethink your favorite binding agent. Another mayonnaise use is that it adds succulence. Adding mayonnaise to your preferred ulam with other ingredients is ideal for making your meat mouthwateringly moist. You can even try it with embutido, a classic Filipino recipe that’s a fiesta favorite and perfect for family get-togethers.

4. Mayonnaise Uses for Cooking Filipino Saucy Dishes

Hearty beef kaldereta with vegetables in a bowl

Feeling a little nostalgic? Serve some iconic Filipino recipes like adobong baboy, kaldereta, and pininyahang manok when your family is craving comfort food. Like a warm hug from mom, you can make these meals even more memorable with Lady’s Choice Mayonnaise for a thicker, saucier dish. Whether you add a dollop, two tablespoons, or half a cup – the more the mayo, the creamier the experience.

5. Mayonnaise Makes Scrambled Eggs Extra Fluffy

Creamy, fluffy, yummy scrambled eggs on a shallow white bowl set on top of a grey and white napkin

Quick and easy to make, you can elevate plain scrambled eggs into a deliciously eggciting meal with mayo. Make your family's morning magical with this treat. Watch out, though. They may request this all day. Want another great idea for a simple afternoon snack? Serve this creamy scrambled egg in a sandwich for merienda.

6. The Perfect Base for Dips and Salads

Spicy mayo dip in a shallow glass container between two whole chilis and a small wooden spoon, set on a wooden surface

Are you hosting your next family reunion, a party with friends, or your kid’s birthday celebration? Whip up some delicious dips with mayo for popular pica-picas that will have your guests asking for your recipes and your kids demanding they be an everyday snack staple. From spicy mayo with chicken chunks to barbecue bacon dips and a three-cheese mega melt—you can make something everyone will love!

Are you organizing a ladies' night? Your girlfriends will appreciate a tray of healthy appetizers with mayo-based dips and scrumptious salads that taste both sweet and savory – just check out these recipes for classic macaroni salad, marble potato salad, and Waldorf salad.

7. Spend Less Time on Cleaning with Mayonnaise

Two spoons full of mayo

A simple way to ensure your barbecue and kebabs come out perfect from the grill every time? Brush a layer of mayonnaise over your steak, pork chop, chicken, or fish to prevent them from sticking to the metal. It’s a great way to keep the delicate skin of your fish intact and prevent your meat from drying. Plus, the added fat from the mayo helps the browning process. Another advantage? Rubbing your proteins with a marinade that combines your barbecue sauce and mayo also minimizes the risk of burning while making it more flavorful.

Who knew there are so many mayonnaise uses? It helps you cut time in the kitchen and saves you money. With so many mayo hacks – from cooking tricks to recipe baking tips – grabbing that big jar from the shelf should be automatic during your grocery runs. Create unforgettable moments with your loved ones with Lady’s Choice Mayonnaise. Do you have any more mayo secrets? Share them with us!

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