How to Upgrade Leftover Bacon and Eggs for Dinner

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Who doesn’t enjoy eating bacon and eggs for breakfast? These two food items taste terrific on their own, but also pair well with other agahan staples – from pandesal to pancakes. And because the duo takes little effort to prepare, many homemakers include it in their weekly morning menus.

But even the most thought-out meals can end up with leftovers. Surely, you’re familiar with those situations! Fried eggs left untouched and bacon strips without their warranted attention as family members rush to school or work. So instead of throwing out the excess (a big no-no!) or just reheating breakfast food, why not surprise your loved ones with entirely new dishes? Check out these easy ideas to fill bellies fast come dinnertime.

How to Level Up Breakfast Leftovers to Make New Meals

A pan of potato casserole topped with bacon bits

It’s highly uncommon for Pinoy households to let food go to waste. Take lechon paksiwsarciadong isda, or adobo flakes, for example. These classic dishes transform leftovers into fresh meals. And the list doesn’t end there! Here’s how you can take bacon and eggs from breakfast to dinner.

Turn leftovers into a casserole.

Casseroles are a terrific fuss-free option you can make with this morning’s meal. You can use a variety of breakfast staples to create a signature dish. Start the prep work by chopping proteins like bacon, longganisa, or tocino. Make the dish healthy by including tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, and potatoes. Toss everything in an oven-safe pan, then pour in beaten eggs. Season with salt, pepper, and Lady’s Choice Bacon Spread before baking for 20-30 minutes. Let the dish rest for 10 minutes before digging in.

Make a hearty sandwich.

If you’re searching for a handy treat, consider turning your breakfast into a bacon and egg sandwich. The great thing about sandwiches is there’s no wrong way to make one. You can quickly mix and match deli meats, canned products, and cheese slices. Or why not go for a fusion BLT? Assemble the sammie by layering Japanese tamago with bacon, lettuce, and fresh tomatoes. In place of white bread, try using wheat, focaccia, or sourdough. Don’t forget to cut them into fun shapes if you’re serving picky little eaters.

Put together a quick canapé.

Dinner parties consisting of several courses start with appetizers. Why not put together a quick egg and bacon canapé with a handful of pantry staples? Wow guests by topping store-bought crackers with a creamy egg salad spread. Finish them off with roughly chopped bacon, a drizzle of honey, and freshly ground pepper.

Make a hearty soup.

A bowl of macaroni soup topped with a fried egg, luncheon meat slices, and green onions.

Cut down the cooking time of sopas by taking advantage of leftovers. Instead of shredded chicken, go for this morning’s breakfast strips. Sliced hard-boiled eggs or peeled quail eggs work best for this. But if you only have sunny-side-ups, slide one on top of every bowl to make a Hong Kong-style macaroni soup.

Don’t forget to load up your soup with veggies – even frozen is fine. Choose from broccoli, carrots, or cabbage; the more colorful, the better!

Create a filling all-in rice meal.

It’s a challenge for many Pinoys to go without rice in most meals. So why not transform breakfast leftovers into a hearty all-in fried rice? Just chop everything into smaller pieces, then toss them in a hot wok. Take inspiration from the classic Chinese yang chow and make yourself a meal in under 30 minutes.

Turn bacon and eggs into burritos.

Are your teens too busy with homework to stop and eat? Surprise them with fast food-style burritos – made healthier, of course! Take a tortilla wrap and fill it with rice, fresh salsa, chopped cabbage, scrambled eggs, and bacon bits. Feel free to add shredded cheese, sliced avocados, corn kernels, and canned beans. Lightly toast the roll in a cast-iron pan, then serve it with a cold beverage. Alternatively, set up a burrito bar and let your kiddos build their own wraps!

A child and her parent enjoy breakfast together

Repurposing leftovers into new meals will help stretch your food budget. It also ensures that no food goes to waste. Plus, it makes cooking more efficient – less time in the kitchen means more time to bond with your loved ones.

Try these ideas to turn bacon and eggs into satisfying dinner (or lunch!) meals. Who says you can’t enjoy breakfast favorites later in the day?


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