4 "Sulit" Breakfast Hits To Rise And Shine To

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Nothing can be better than waking up to a breakfast of great value, in the most satisfying way possible. As you prepare for the day ahead, always make sure you load up with nothing but healthy choices that also bring smiles to your budget.

Here are 4 sulit breakfast tips to wake up to every morning—easily affordable with real value for money.

  1. Eggs
    Eggs provide your kids the essential vitamins that they need. The egg yolk, alone, is an important source of choline, which is needed for proper cell and nerve function . Whether sunny side-up, scrambled, or benedict, transform your breakfast table into a great source of nutrition—and good vibes—for the rest of the day

  2. Pan De Sal
    Who couldn’t resist the tempting goodness of hot, oven-baked pan de sal? This Filipino classic easily complements the palate for its flavor and compatibility with everything. From breakfast to merienda—and everything in between—pan de sal comes in handy as an all-time healthy treat.

  3. Fruits
    One good thing about fruit is that it is even more easily accessible and frequently consumed by more Filipinos nowadays. From convenience stores to fruit stalls, there is an abundance of this juicy breakfast alternative. Not only do we have more chances of boosting our daily vitamin needs, but other health needs as well.

  4. P10 Breakfast Sulit Pack
    Good thing, Lady’s Choice has introduced its P10 Breakfast Sulit Pack. Conveniently available in sari-sari stores, here’s the family’s 5 servings-worth of a filling breakfast that you may feast on together before going about your day. Whether Chicken, Bacon or Real Mayonnaise, you can now bring more life and smiles to the table—and your wallet—every morning.



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