What Your Macaroni Salad Says About Your Mom-Style

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It’s true. A lot can be said about your Macaroni Salad. But did you know that your special Macaroni Salad recipe can actually define what kind of Mom you are? Read on to find out!

1. Classic Macaroni Salad

Come family get-togethers, birthday parties, potlucks or Noche Buena, no celebration is complete without your signature dish—your very own Classic Macaroni Salad. Whipping up their timeless favorite makes you a SIGURISTA MOM. You plan ahead and make sure schedules are set because the last thing you’d want is an unforeseen bump in the road.

2) Fruity Macaroni Salad

For you, no meal is complete without your special Fruity Macaroni Salad. It’s the perfect ending to every meal. When the time comes that something calls for a celebration, the whole family requests for it. That is why you are a CAREFREE MOM. You let your family do pretty much what they want. Once they ask, their wish is your command!

3) Tuna Macaroni Salad

You are unique and so is your Tuna Macaroni Salad. Maybe that’s why your family loves you more for it. You know each member of your family like the back of your hand. This is why you go the extra mile for them with your Tuna Macaroni Salad. This makes you a DO-MORE MOM. A minor hiccup in your family member’s world is like an earthquake to yours so you always find yourself going beyond what is necessary.


No matter which Macaroni Salad you make, your Mom-style always shows 100% real love. That’s why you feel like no Macaroni Salad recipe is complete without using tried and tested Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise into your special recipe. No wonder after a clean plate, your kids will always say, “Mom, you’ll always be the best!”.


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