New Sandwich Recipes That Will Steal The Spotlight From Other Spreads

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When it comes to deciding what to spread on your bread, the choices are endless. We want to make the decision easier for you with three sandwich recipes guaranteed to make Lady’s Choice Ham Spread top of mind when you’re in the mood for a delicious sandwich. 

The Trio Sandwich

Resisting a gooey, cheesy, mac and cheese dish is hard to do, even more so when you figure out how to make this trio sandwich. Spread Lady’s Choice Ham Spread on lightly toasted pieces of bread, add a slice of cheese, and then add a whole slice of ham. If you want extra flavor and crunch, throw in a slice of bacon. Delish!

The Pizza Express Sandwich 

Anything that comes off as pizza toppings could just as easily be made into a sandwich! Spread a hefty helping of Lady’s Choice Ham Spread on each slice of toasted bread, top off with tomatoes, slices of cheese, then load it up with your favorite meats—ham, chicken, pepperoni! 

The Pinoy Pride Sandwich 

Lady’s Choice Ham Spread is loved worldwide, and the Philippines is no exception. Gather up your favorite local ingredients—kesong puti, chicharon, adobo flakes make a mouthwatering combo, if you ask us. After spreading Lady’s Choice Ham Spread on each piece of bread, lay out the slices of kesong puti, add a layer of adobo flakes, and then generously sprinkle a crumble of chicharon on top. Now that will make any Filipino yell, “Pinoy Pride!”

Ready to make sandwiches that are out of the ordinary? Visit  to get more delicious, easy-to-create recipes with Lady’s Choice Meaty Spreads


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