May Isasarap Pa Ang Christmas Reunions

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May Isasarap Pa Ang Christmas Reunions


This Christmas, at the top of everyone's wish list isn't the latest gadgets nor new clothes. It's the big Christmas reunion where the whole extended family—including all the titos and titas, lolos and lolas, pamangkins and pinsans, hipags and biyenans—will be together. Because for us Filipinos, nothing is more important than togetherness during the Holidays. 

Because we look forward to and cherish these once-a-year gatherings with our family, we pull all the stops in organizing these Christmas reunions and carefully plan every detail. From the entertainment (who's bringing the videoke machine?) to the games, the decorations to the food. 

Christmas Reunion Selfie

But no matter how big your plans are for your big family gathering, it's the small surprises that can make a big difference and make Christmas reunions more delicious. 

Just like in the case of the Mendoza Family from Laguna. They knew that this year's Christmas reunion was going to be special, even better than last year's and the years before. There were relatives who have not been home for 10 years that were arriving, and their preparations were just as elaborate—such as having family t-shirts printed to commemorate the occasion. What they didn't know was just how special it was going to be. That a "Mendoza" who was not a related to the family but who they definitely have heard of—or seen on TV—would be crashing their party. 


Mendoza Family Christmas Reunion

Maine Mendoza, aka Yaya Dub, surprised them one by one, from the little kids placing outside to the mommies in the kitchen preparing their Christmas feast. And she brought with her not just good cheer and her lovable personality, but also Lady's Choice Chicken Macaroni Salad for everyone. 

It was unlike any Christmas reunion the Mendoza family has ever had before. And, with open arms, they welcomed Yaya Dub to the family. Dahil mas masarap 'pag magkakasama, at lalo pang sumasarap ang 'pagsasama-sama 'pag may Lady's Choice Macaroni Salad. 

Made with real and quality ingredients Lady's Choice Real Mayonnaise makes macaroni salad rich and creamy, making it more special, more delicious—because Christmas Reunions deserves nothing less!

At para pasarapin pa lalo ang Christmas reunions ng family niyo, get the recipe for Macaroni Salad here.

To see how Maine and Lady's Choice Real Mayonnaise made the Mendoza family reunion more special, watch the video.

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