Kids Will Love These Fun, DIY Activities To Do As A Whole Family

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Time spent with family should always be meaningful and memorable, but not necessarily expensive. In fact, it’s the fun, spur-of-the-moment days spent at home that standout brightest in our memories. 

Mommies, you can make any moment at home a unique bonding experience with the help of Lady’s Choice – and it goes beyond whipping up delicious snacks for the kids in the kitchen!

For those days when you want to avoid the crowds and stay at home, try these simple DIY activities to make family bonding more fun. 


Bring out the paint, crayons, ribbons and glue gun, and have your kids while away the hours creating fun containers. Recycle glass bottles and old jars from Lady’s Choice, and give them a fresh, new look. These become handy as you can recycle them into pen holders, spice bottles, and more. And should your kids become more inspired, you can easily empty the contents of your other Lady’s Choice jars into plastic containers. 


With the same empty Lady’s Choice glass jars, you can make them into makeshift pots for your seedlings. Let your kids tend their own “garden” and grow their own vegetables. If dirt is a problem, why not teach them how to put together a simple flower arrangement for mommy or their grandparents? 


For a truly fun afternoon, set up mini stations for games in the backyard with things you have lying around the house. In addition to using empty plastic bottles as bowling pins, for example, you can use plastic table mats as the “dots” for an outdoors Twister or empty Lady’s Choice jars for the Ring Toss game. 


Instead of the crowded malls, take your family on a leisurely walk or trip to the nearby park. Reconnect with nature and delight in the sunshine. Of course, make it a truly fun affair by packing a lunch for a picnic. Bring yummy sandwiches made from Lady’s Choice!


Fun can also be educational and delicious! Take an afternoon weekend to inspire the culinary creativity of your children by having them practice their hand in the kitchen. 


Start with easy finger food and appetizers such as Lady’s Choice yummy macaroni salad, which uses less than five ingredients; and sandwich spreads such as Chicken-Mayo, Egg-Mayo and Tuna. 

Have fun, share a laugh and try out more recipes at 


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