Just Two Spoonfuls of Mayo Make Your Dishes Go Wow!

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More than just the "icing on the cake," Mayonnaise, the condiment everybody loves, can also make a world of difference in your dishes. Incorporated into your cooking, it imparts creamy, tangy, more flavorful results. Bring out your bottle of Lady's Choice Real Mayonnaise and add two (or more) tablespoons to these dishes and see them go from boring to winning!

Pork Sisig

 1. Pork Sisig

 Give Sisig a creamier kick by blending mayonnaise into the tasty ingredients right before serving. It's a great alternative to using pig brain, the traditional binder used in this   iconic Pinoy dish.

 Read the full recipe here.

Pork Sisig

2. Chocolate Cake

No eggs? No problem! In a pinch, mayonnaise can be used as an egg and oil replacement in your baked treats. Works well for cupcakes and brownies too.

Read the full recipe here.

Scrambled Eggs

3. Scrambled Eggs

Reinvent this breakfast staple by whisking mayonnaise into eggs before scrambling, for a more interesting, delightful flavor. Two tablespoons is good for four eggs.

Read the full recipe here.

Baked Fish

4. Baked Fish

The clean flavor of fish lends itself well to mayonnaise. Top fillets with a mayonnaise and cheese mixture, followed by a generous layer of breadcrumbs. Bake till crisp and golden and serve with slices of lemon.

Read the full recipe here.

Beef Caldereta

5. Beef Caldereta

Here is another Pinoy classic that can benefit from mayonnaise. Towards the end of cooking the stew, blend up to three tablespoons, which is good for every 1 kilo of beef brisket—into the sauce. The result is a mélange of sweet and savory goodness!

Read the full recipe here.


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