Foods that You Can Give as Gifts for Christmas

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Sometimes, the best gifts are memories instead of material things. So why not give your loved ones something nice to remember? The best way to your loved one's hearts is through the stomach. This Christmas, give them the perfect gift of food that will fill their stomachs and warm their hearts. Here are some ideas on what to give them: 

1. Jar Full of Surprises

Food kept in mason jars are in trend right now. And your Lady's Choice Mayonnaise jar is just the right size for gift giving! You can decorate it to add a more personal feel to your gift. Attach a little note so your loved one will be able to read something while enjoying that little surprise you have for him or her in the jar.


2. A Christmas Dip
Christmas is usually a time where families get together after so long. Help break the ice with something to munch on while catching up! Whip up some finger food and wrap it up in a nice container. Don't forget to include some mayo dip for to make it extra special and send it over to your relatives as a gift.

3. Eat the Wreath
Come Christmas, people decorate their houses to give it a festive feel. So why not give your loved ones something nice to both look at and eat. Make an edible Christmas wreath! Get creative with your veggies. Your greens and reds are just right for the job. Don't forget to layer it with some mayonnaise to really give it the succulent look and taste.

4. Staple on the Christmas Table
Noche Buena is always a feast since a lot of family members come together and eat in one table to celebrate Christmas. Preparing meals for a lot of people can be very tiring. Help out by making your special macaroni salad and add it to the Noche Buena spread. Giving this staple dish will surely make Christmas feel complete.


5. It's not a Celebration Without a Cake
Since Christmas is essentially a birthday celebration, there needs to be a cake to complete the feast! Make yours extra special by adding a little mayonnaise in your cake batter. That way, it will be very rich and moist so your family will surely love it. Baking a cake will be a breeze especially if you use Lady's Choice Mayonnaise. 




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