Coming Together This Christmas

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When you begin to hear songs of cheer and happiness fill the air, along with the sense of glee and childlike wonder, you know its Christmastime. It's that time of the year when we give and receive gifts. It's also when we have the most festive celebrations and we get invited to a lot of parties or salu-salo. But beyond the gifts and the parties,Christmas is hardly Christmas if it's spent alone. It is best spent amongst family and friends over stories and great food.


During these get-togethers, food plays a very important role. Every Filipino family knows that sumptuous meals are the centerpiece of a great family gathering. It provides bonding moments both during the preparation and the actual feast. For Christmas, food represents the very idea of coming together. When the ingredients of our favorite dishes are put together, they create something much more special. This is best exemplified by one of the most treasured classic Christmas dishes – the Macaroni Salad.


The Macaroni Salad is an iconic Christmas dish because it has always been a favorite for generations in many Filipino homes. It has become a part of the tradition of the Filipino family. The salad itself almost serves as a Christmas décor with its festive color and rich combination of ingredients. The ingredients come together to form a unique and irresistible taste, which none of each can achieve on its own. With the help of Lady's Choice mayonnaise, these ingredients are all held together and are given a rich and creamy taste.


The same goes with family. When we all come together, moments become much better. So this Christmas, don't forget to invite as many family members as possible and make your celebrations more memorable. Kasi ngayong pasko, mas masarap 'pag magkakasama.


Find out how to make your own Macaroni Salad below to share and serve during Noche Buena here.


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