5 Surprising Ways Lady’s Choice Meaty Spreads Makes Your Sandwiches Even Better

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5 Surprising Ways Lady’s Choice Meaty Spreads Makes Your Sandwiches Even Better


Ah, mayo—it’s the secret ingredient hidden in plain sight that makes all sandwiches taste better. It’s time to give your Lady’s Choice Meaty Spread the love it deserves! After all, it does all this: 

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It makes your sandwich a little extra. 

Anyone can put ham and bread together to form a basic sandwich, but why be basic when you can be extra? Lady’s Choice Meaty Spreads come in Chicken Spread or Ham Spread. Lady’s Choice Chicken Spread is perfectly blended with real chicken and rich spices, while Lady’s Choice Ham Spread gives you a dose of real ham bits and spices. If you want to give your sandwich more taste and texture, spread any flavor on both pieces of bread, and add a crunchy element, like some potato chips—whatever takes it over the top. 

It holds your sandwich squad together. 

LC Meaty Spreads not only make your sandwiches tasty, they hold them together, too. Chefs also use meaty spreads to keep sandwich ingredients from falling apart. Yes to flavorful and functional spreads! 

It turns your‘wich int o gold. 

Well, not real gold, but slathering some meaty spread on the outside of the sandwich and quickly frying it up gives it that gorge golden brown hue.  It becomes extra yummy too!

It enriches it with some nutrition. 

The meaty spread contains egg, Omega 3, Omega 6, and healthy oil, so it isn’t simply empty calories. Like with anything, it’s best to use in moderation—a dollop or an even spread on both sides of your sandwich is just the right serving amount. 

It goes with virtually any type of sandwich fillings! 

Spread with ham or chicken, yes. Meaty spread in a grilled cheese sandwich? A big yes! That’s the beauty about Lady’s Choice Meaty Spreads—it compliments most sandwich creations, making it amazingly versatile, and everything it touches turns delicious! Head on down to https://www.ladyschoice.com.ph/  to get more mayo info and recipes!


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