3 Budget-Friendly Sandwich Palaman That Are Big on Flavor

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Building your own sandwich doesn’t need to break the bank! Take your baon up a notch with these few ideas you can start with: 

1) The Chicken or the Egg Sandwich 

A hardboiled egg is easy to make, hearty to eat, plus gives you that big boost of protein to start your day right. Cut or mash one hard boiled egg up, and mix it in with your Lady’s Choice Chicken spread as your base. Now you don’t need to choose between the chicken or the egg—you can have both!

2) The Brunch Sandwich 

Take your breakfast fave all the way to brunch! Any kind of corned beef, from your classic strands to chunky, to garlic or with potatoes and onions, would do. Just make sure to toast the pandesal and strain the remaining oil from the corned beef to keep the sandwich from getting soggy. 

3) The Easy Seafood Sandwich

Canned tuna comes in single packs, are easily accessible, and as light in the pocket as it is light in the tummy. Make it a double seafood delight by spreading a generous helping of Lady’s Choice Tuna Spread on the pandesal, then spread out your choice of tuna. Healthy and delicious! 


Ready to make sandwiches that are big on flavor, but light on the pocket? Visit our recipes page to get delicious, easy-to-create recipes with Lady’s Choice Meaty Spreads! 


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