A Baon-Ready Clubhouse Sandwich Recipe

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A classic clubhouse is the ultimate sandwich. And for that reason, many moms have a clubhouse sandwich recipe they can count on for road trips and merienda playdates. It looks intimidating – layers of meat, creamy mayonnaise, and fresh vegetables tucked between soft, fluffy bread – but easy to put together. Each bite is flavorful, nutritionally dense, and guaranteed to fuel your child through hours of schoolwork and play.

So, don’t save this sandwich for special occasions! You can prepare the components during the weekend and store them for a week’s worth of satisfying baon. Use this recipe as a starting point and tweak it until you find the combination your family likes best. 

Baon-Ready Clubhouse Sandwich Recipe and Ingredients

A parent slicing a sandwich in half to pack for lunch.

The classic clubhouse sandwich ingredients tend to be on the high-fat, high-calorie end, but you can easily make yours leaner with a few swaps. Replace the bacon and ham with roasted chicken breast. Alternatively, go plant-based for your protein with a seasoned chickpea mash – mix in onions to make it taste closer to chicken or egg salad. Load it up with even more veggies: try spinach and arugula for greens, fresh pickles for crunch, and avocado for healthy fats.

If you think your sandwich won’t taste as good without all the calorific additions, don’t worry – the Lady's Choice Ham Spread has you covered. It’s like regular mayonnaise with a more flavorful punch, thanks to ham bits, sweet pimientos, spices, and other ultra-savory seasonings.


  • 3 white bread slices, toasted
  • ¼ cup Lady’s Choice Ham Spread
  • 6 pcs romaine lettuce, washed and trimmed
  • 4 tomato rounds
  • 12 strips bacon, fried until crisp
  • 4 cucumber rounds
  • 4 pcs regular, sweet, or spiced ham
  • 1 pc egg, cooked sunny-side up


  1. Lay toasted bread slices on a cutting board. Spread a tablespoon of Lady’s Choice Ham Spread on one side of the first and third slices. Next, spread a tablespoon of the same condiment on both sides of the second slice.
  2. Top the first bread slice, spread-side up, with lettuce, tomatoes, and bacon. Cover with the second slice. Add another layer of lettuce, cucumber, ham, and egg. Finish with the third bread slice, spread-side down.
  3. Lightly press down on the sandwich. Slice into four equal triangles.
  4. Secure with four toothpicks. Serve hot or cold with your choice of sides.

How to Make a Clubhouse Sandwich Extra Filling With Sides

Baked sweet potato fries on wooden tray lined with parchment paper.

Not convinced that a simple sandwich can be a meal all on its own? Round it out with a side dish or two! Kids love having fries and chips with their sandwiches (who doesn’t?), but there are other options you can add to their baonan.

Fries or chips 

No need to take these off the menu just yet! These fried goodies are fine in moderation, so let the kiddies have them occasionally. But if you want to sneak extra nutrients onto their plate, go for sweet potatoes for more fiber. You can also bake or air-fry them – either method uses less oil than deep-frying.


This one’s best for chilly days at school. Season and roast your vegetables, then purée them with stock to make a hearty soup. Tomato, spinach, and cauliflower soups pair well with most sandwiches. Tip: use frozen veggies to cut costs. They're just as nutritious as fresh!

Side salad 

Children don’t typically crave salads, but you can give them a shot! Try a tangy coleslaw with shredded lettuce (vibrant and colorful!) or a BBQ-worthy potato salad lightly dressed in mayo. Anything with corn is bound to be a hit. Is your kid a sweet tooth? Add freshness to their meal with a fresh fruit salad. If you have a few extra minutes, cut the fruits into fun shapes like hearts and stars to make them even more enticing.

Are you looking for an easy back-to-school baon that you can load up with veggies, energizing carbs, and muscle-building protein? Try this kid-approved clubhouse sandwich recipe! It delivers all those essential nutrients in every bite while tasting oh-so-yummy.

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