10 Types of Sandwiches to Pack in Your Kids' Lunch Box

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Preparing baon for the family needs not to be time-consuming, especially when trying to feed fussy eaters. Instead of preparing heavy rice meals, put together hearty sandwiches that everyone will enjoy. We’ve got 10 types of sandwiches for you to choose from. 

10 Types of Sandwiches to Make for Baon

Grab a piece of paper and take note of the different kinds of sandwiches that are best for the  baon menu you are putting together.  

Chicken nuggets sandwich

Chicken nuggets sandwich with lettuce, mashed avocados, cucumbers, and mayo

Busy moms can still put together crispy chicken sandwiches. Swap out chicken fillet for the household fave nuggets brand. Spread an even layer of Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise onto the bread. Pile on the fresh vegetables or a heap of guacamole. Include apple slices or fruit juice to tick all the food pyramid boxes.

Hot dog sandwiches with toppings

Halved hotdog sandwiches topped with fresh condiments

Who doesn't love a hotdog sandwich? Make it a classic with only mayo and ketchup for dressing, or add color and flavor with a spoonful of freshly made salsa. Cut a full-sized sandwich into smaller portions to make it easier for little kids to enjoy.

Open-faced tuna melt sandwich

2 thick slices of bread topped with a tuna melt spread, served with fresh greens and a wedge of lemon

Open sandwiches give off pizza vibes. Whip up your go-to tuna spread recipe. Evenly spread over a slice of bread. Top with quick melt cheese. Pop into a toaster for a few minutes or until cheese has melted.

Ham and cheese pinwheels

Finger foods on a table include a tray of ham and cheese pinwheels

Make sandwich baons less boring with a ham and cheese pinwheel. This snack requires no special ingredients. Flatten a piece of white bread with a rolling pin or a heavy object like a ketchup bottle. Spread some mayo, and add some ham, cheese, and lettuce. Roll tightly and cut crosswise into small portions.

Chicken quesadilla

3 quesadilla triangles filled with ground meat, chicken chunks, and shredded cheese on a wooden chopping board

Sandwiches aren't limited to slices of bread. Tortillas filled with chunks of chicken, ground beef, and shredded melted cheese triangles are both filling and convenient to pack for school lunches. Pack fresh salad with a light mayonnaise dressing to round up the meal.

Croissant deviled egg sandwich

Chunky egg salad sandwich with lettuce in a croissant bun

Take your run-of-the-mill egg salad recipe into a devilish one. Instead of the usual slices of bread, pick a buttery croissant to compliment the flavors of this sandwich recipe - make it eggstraordinary. Add paprika and mustard to make this deviled egg salad spread.

Grilled spinach, cheese, and tomato

Grilled cheese sandwich slices stuffed with tomatoes, spinach, and melted cheese

Kids can't resist gooey melted cheese sandwiches, which is why it's an easy lunchbox option. We suggest sneaking in some spinach and tomatoes in this grilled sandwich. Trust us. The kids won't notice the difference.

Mini hamburger sliders

Cheeseburger sliders with tomatoes, bacon, and fresh greens

Create fun baon meals by preparing hamburger sliders. Fun mini burgers go well with a small packet of potato chips as an added treat. Get kids to eat more with these smaller portions.

Egg drop sandwich

2 orders of Korean egg drop sandwiches filled with scrambled eggs, bacon, and special sauce

This Korean import mixes sweet and savory in a chunky snack. Commonly eaten for breakfast, this hefty sandwich contains fluffy scrambled eggs, cheese, bacon, and unique egg drop sauce. Recreate the sauce at home by combining Lady's Choice Real Mayonnaise and condensed milk.

Classic PB&J sandwich

You cannot go wrong with a classic like peanut butter and jelly

You cannot go wrong with a classic like peanut butter and jelly. To mix it up, try adding breakfast cereal for texture. Chocolate, cinnamon, or honey nut cereals go well with PB&J. Other things you can add to the mix are cream cheese, bacon, marshmallow fluff, or fresh fruit. If you are having trouble getting the little ones to eat, try using a cookie cutter with fun shapes. They’ll come home with empty lunchboxes.

Ensuring that kids eat healthily and have enough energy to last the day isn’t easy. While at school, snacking during recess gets ignored in favor of play.  Therefore, lunches need to be nutritious and enticing. Various types of sandwiches make for ideal lunchbox snacks.

Sandwiches on our list will satisfy hunger and are a great way to encourage children to share their food with others.

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