5 Filipino Snacks to Serve at a Last-Minute Playdate

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Delicious, filling, and easy to eat, Filipino snacks are great for just about any occasion. That’s especially true when your kid has a playdate, even when it’s a spontaneous one  because many of them are easy to make and have a high chance of being appreciated even by picky eaters.

Wondering what you can make for the next unplanned playdate? Read on to find some quick and stress-free options that kids and adults alike will enjoy.

Camote Fries

A plateful of sweet potato fries lies on a table.

A deep fryer or pan, some oil, camote, and salt and pepper are all you need to make this familiar treat, which is among the classic Filipino snacks. It’s healthy and tasty, a great option to serve during the mandatory meal break of the playdate.

You can serve it as is, sprinkle a little sugar on top, or make it more interesting with a dip made of  Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise, maple syrup, and a little ground cinnamon. Whichever way you go, the kids are sure to love it.

Open-faced Tuna Pandesal

Open-faced tuna sandwiches lie on a wooden serving platter.

Kids love eating with their hands, and this open-faced tuna pandesal sandwich will surely be Filipino snack favorite.

Fish can be a hit or a miss for kids, so make sure to keep the toppings really creamy to make sure that there won’t be any chance that a picky eater would say no to this dish that even adults will love.

The easy secret to making it creamy? Use enough mayonnaise (pick a good one, like Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise) to balance out the flavor of the tuna.

Creamy Pinoy Spaghetti

A close-up of Filipino-style spaghetti topped with grated cheese

Spaghetti is a traditional party food that also works well for feeding hungry kids during a playdate. The Pinoy version is always a good option, although you can make it better (and creamier) with good mayonnaise.

This is a Filipino snack that takes very little effort to make, but with very rewarding results. You could even make extra and have it for your own dinner!

Lumpiang Shanghai

A plate holds a mound of Lumpiang Shanghai.

Lumpiang Shanghai is quite possibly the all-time favorite finger food of kids and adults alike. Aside from tasting comfortingly familiar, it’s also easy to eat and can change its overall flavor depending on the dip you serve.

While the typical sweet-and-sour sauce is always an option, feel free to experiment with other versions. Just make sure to put a little sourness to balance the taste of the oil you used for frying.

 Want to add a twist? Use mayonnaise as a dip to turn a special treat into an unusual Filipino snack. If you feel fruity, try our Mango Salad recipe for snacks.

Macaroni Salad

A large bowl is full of chicken macaroni salad

Typically served as a side dish during full meals, macaroni salad also belongs among the Filipino snacks kids will enjoy.

To make it even better, round out the carbs by adding some chicken. The easiest way to do this is to use store-bought roast chicken you’ve taken off the bone. You won’t even need to season it!

The creamy flavor is the best part of these dishes so make sure to level it up by using really good mayonnaise, such as Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise. You’ll end up with snacks perfect for hungry kids and the adults who love them.

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