7 Family Goals to Start the New Year

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The end of the year is often a time of reflection. It offers a chance to review the successes and challenges of the past months and plot prospects for the future. New Year’s resolutions lists fill your feeds by December 31. But did you notice how most people set objectives for themselves? Do you follow suit, or are you open to setting family goals and involving your brood?

This time, consider planning intentions for the year as a unit. What better way to chart the next 12 months than doing it as a team? Working to achieve goals as a family will bring you closer and make everyone happier and healthier. What are you waiting for? Set a time and date for a household meeting to discuss these seven options.

1. Move More

Mom, dad, and daughter playing jump rope outdoors

Do most of your family members spend the whole day sitting in school or the office? For the coming year, set short-term fitness goals, like taking some time to stand and walk around. On weekends, you can schedule some form of physical activity, like playing a sport, hiking, or even having a little dance session.

There are numerous benefits to getting up and moving your body. Physical activity improves physical health, helps mental well-being, and supports your child’s development. Regular exercise can also release feel-good endorphins that help put everyone in a good mood. Make it a point to move together, whether once a day or once a week. Your bodies will thank you for it!

2. Get More Sleep

A little girl sleeping with a teddy bear

Getting enough rest should be one of your top family goals. Everyone knows that sleep is a primordial need, yet many still don’t consider it a priority. Never allow work, chores, or playtime to get in the way!

Have you noticed that people who get enough sleep are more attentive, learn better, and function more efficiently? Those who lack it are easier to fall behind. That’s how crucial slumber is! But remember that the amount of sleep needed varies among age groups and individuals. Follow that when setting appropriate bedtimes for the family. Stick to them by having an evening routine that everyone can follow.

3. Lessen Screen Time

A little boy using a tablet at home

Technology is heaven-sent, but be wary of your family’s dependence on it. Sure, many apps are effective learning tools and sources of entertainment. But extended screen time can have negative consequences on everyone's health. 

Any responsible parent should schedule a “no screen” time for your brood. It can be after dinner on weekdays or for an hour every day. Or, keep gadgets from Monday to Friday and allow them on weekends. Find what works for you and your family. The goal is balance. Think of activities you can do offline. A family game night, perhaps?

4. Eat Healthier

A little boy very excited to eat a piece of lettuce

Having a healthy, well-rounded diet is crucial for your children’s development. Starting and building wholesome eating habits at home will greatly affect how your family treats food. Are you worried about raising picky eaters? Set an example at the dinner table. Most likely, your kids will follow your ways, so show them how every choice affects their bodies.

Prepare a healthy eating plan that adults and kids can follow. Incorporate quality and healthful ingredients, such as Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise, when cooking meals. And make friendlier alternatives to your usual indulgent cravings! Swap out junk food for nutritious merienda, like tuna wraps and fruity ice pops.

5. Read More

A family reading a book together on a red couch

Reading is a good, healthy habit. It can improve mental health, memory, focus, empathy, communication skills, and many more. It can even reduce stress! Poring over a literary work can also teach kids new skills and ignite their creativity. Unfortunately, many people nowadays don’t bother picking up a book.

Set a goal of reading for an hour each week or even every night before bedtime. You can enjoy a book together as a family, or each member can read their own and share stories come mealtime.

6. Start a Family Piggy Bank

Two kids putting coins into a pink piggy bank

Teach kids the value of money early. That knowledge is something they’ll carry until they become adults. And it can help them become more financially stable in the future.

Starting a family fund can teach everyone to share and contribute money for a greater purpose. Have everyone put a small amount into a piggy bank. You can then decide how to spend it as a family. Maybe use it to buy Christmas presents or go to a theme park? Make sure to involve your kids in the decision-making. But also teach them that they can’t have their way every time.

7. Spend More Quality Time

A family of five walking together outdoors

Nothing beats spending quality time with your family. Plan activities that you can do together regularly. You can already block dates for the entire year as early as January. It doesn’t have to be grand all the time! It can be as simple as weekly Sunday lunches after mass or morning walks in the park.

Setting family goals is more fun and fruitful this way. You can even check on each other and see if you’re still on track. Are you excited about the New Year? Watch how achieving these targets together will bring you even closer!

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