8 Fish Fillet Recipes to Start a Healthy Habit

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Cutting back on meat is a terrific way to kick-start your healthy lifestyle. But while some people can go plant-based with ease, many still need animal proteins in their diet. The win-win solution? Fish! They’re nutritious, affordable, and extremely versatile, especially compared to most meat sources. Get started with these fish fillet recipes that are healthy and effortless to prep.

Pro tip: Don’t assume that cooking fish fillets means a bigger budget! Fillets may cost more than bone-in fish, but they offer more servings per kilo. Plus, you won’t need a lot of other flavorings and add-ons to make them shine. Sulit na sulit!

1. Air-Fryer Fish Crispers

Breaded fish fillets with french fries and lemon wedges on a wooden slatted table

There’s no need to fly to jolly ol’ England when you crave classic fish ‘n’ chips. Make some at home following a few easy steps. Most traditional recipes require deep-frying the battered fillets, but that’s not an option when you’re watching your diet. Instead, cook your breaded white fish and fries in an air-fryer. Don’t forget to serve with a cabbage slaw and this two-ingredient garlic dip.

2. Tilapia Fish Tacos

A tortilla wrapper topped with fresh slaw and pan-grilled fish pieces served with sour cream

Preparing food for post-holiday family reunions shouldn’t be stressful. After feasting on hearty meat-filled dishes, it's time to switch gears with lighter fare. Why not skip the rice meals and go for some fish tacos? Grill your seasoned tilapia fillets and serve them with a refreshing pineapple slaw and Greek yogurt for topping. You can even set up a taco station at the venue so guests can assemble their snacks.

3. Teriyaki Salmon

A serving of salmon teriyaki over Japanese omurice

Bring the taste of Japan to your home with an easy teriyaki fish fillet recipe. Just like adobo, teriyaki is a dish children love. The best part? It takes no time to prepare so you can satisfy their cravings in a snap. Marinate your fish (try salmon, cod, or halibut!) in soy sauce, sugar, white vinegar, garlic, sesame oil, and ginger for 15 minutes. Bake the fillets, then serve over omurice (fried rice and scrambled eggs). Got leftovers? Use them as filling for sushi rolls!

4. Crispy Dory Fish Sandwiches

Fish fillet with tomato slices and lettuce leaves in a fresh brioche bun

Love fast-food fish fillet sandwiches but not the calories? Why not assemble a healthy homemade version? Do this by preparing a basic fried fish fillet recipe. Next, spread Lady's Choice Real Mayonnaise on fresh brioche buns. Finish by layering the breaded fish with your favorite vegetables, like tomatoes, caramelized onions, and lettuce. Done!

5. Poke Bowls

Salmon poke bowl with fresh fish fillet, cucumber, avocado, radish, and carrot slices with a saucer of soy sauce

No-cook meals are a godsend when you're strapped for time. For a clean and light meal, prepare a Hawaiian poke bowl. Making it is easier than most people think! The key is finding the freshest tuna or salmon fillets. Slice them into strips or bite-sized cubes, then top over rice with avocados, edamame, cucumbers, and radish. For a kid-friendly take, top the salmon with mayo and torch it until lightly charred.

6. Grilled Fish Steaks

Marinated and grilled swordfish steaks on a cast-iron skillet

Steak lovers rejoice! You can still enjoy your juicy steak minus the red meat. Here’s how: season tanigue (aka Spanish mackerel) with salt, pepper, and a squeeze of lemon. Grill on a hot pan to give it a smoky taste and those charred marks. Enjoy your steak with a side of Waldorf salad and creamy squash soup.

7. Sweet and Sour Fish Stir-Fry

A plate of sweet and sour fish fillet with pineapple chunks and bell peppers

Need a treat after watching your diet throughout the week? Enjoy classic sweet and sour fish fillet over the weekend! But keep it healthy. Don’t fry your fish, for one. Add the fillets to the sauce directly and let them simmer until fully cooked. Next, double the amount of veg required in the recipe. You can also add more fruits, like lychees and apples. Lastly, go easy on the sugar – use honey instead! This way, you can drizzle as much sauce over freshly cooked (brown or red!) rice.

8. Fish en Papillote

Salmon and vegetables wrapped in parchment paper

Don't let the fancy French term discourage you from preparing this straightforward dish. “En papillote” refers to the cooking method of wrapping seasoned chicken, fish, and vegetables in parchment paper. The parcel goes into the oven, where the contents cook via trapped steam. Try this no-fuss technique for any fish you have on hand.

Eating healthy does not have to be complicated. It's as easy as swapping proteins so you can still enjoy your favorite dishes. Test out these fish fillet recipes! They’ll make the switch easy and rewarding. 

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