5 Egg Pie Varieties for an Eggciting Lunch Party

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Walk over to a neighborhood bakery, and you will find an assortment of freshly baked goodies. The egg pie is a prominent fixture among the selection of bread, cookies, and pastries. Hard to miss with its characteristic browned top and flaky crust. Buy custard pies whole or per slice. Eat the sweet pastry as a dessert or pair it with coffee for merienda with amigas or visiting titos and titas.

But egg tart is more than just dessert. Across the globe, there are numerous versions of this dish. You might be surprised that some dishes we listed can be eaten throughout the day. And not just a sweet course to finish a meal. We've rounded up five egg dishes you can try out, along with an unexpected way to use Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise.

Various Egg Pie Dishes Worth Trying Out

5 eggs cracked into a bowl while 5 whole eggs sit in a wooden tray

Eggs are rich in vitamins and minerals, making them an essential part of everyday diet. Give these pies a shot whenever you see them on a menu. You can also find them in recipe books and make them at home.

Frittata (Italy)

An egg-based Italian dish, the frittata is like scrambled eggs or an omelet. Often a frittata recipe includes a variety of ingredients such as cheeses, veggies, or meats. Roughly translates to “fried,” there are four key elements that differentiate frittatas from the average omelet recipe. They are as follows:

  1. Unlike omelets, frittatas do not follow a fold-over procedure. Instead, cubed potatoes are combined with raw eggs and poured into a heated pan.
  2. Frittatas are fluffier than the traditional savory omelet. Give it an airy texture by beating the eggs vigorously. 
  3. The secret to amazing frittatas is cooking the mixture over low heat for five minutes at least. For best results, many fans of this egg pie typically prefer 15 minutes of cook time.
  4. Frittatas are either flipped over to cook thoroughly or briefly baked to help set the runny top layer instead of getting folded over like a partially cooked omelet.

Martabak Telur (Indonesia)

Indonesia’s martababk telur is well-known street food. Find these crispy pancake slices in carts on many street corners. Vendors typically use beaten duck eggs, scallions, chicken, mutton, or beef in their recipe. Seasonings like garlic, turmeric, cumin, ginger, coriander, and salt give telur its unique taste.

Over the years, vendors have added their spin to the dish. There are versions with toppings like spicy tuna, grilled salmon, shredded beef rendang, and Indomie noodles, to name a few examples. Dip in vinegar sauce or use Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise as a condiment for this crispy pie.

Strata (USA)

Stratas bear a close resemblance to bread pudding. Recipes for this dish often call for eggs, bread, cheese, meat, and veg. Make strata by soaking cubed bread and chosen ingredients in an egg mixture. Allow it to soak for at least an hour or overnight before baking. The best way to enjoy this pie is while it is warm.

Quiche (France)

Quiches have a savory custard filling and a tasty, shortcrust pastry base. The custard itself contains pieces of meat, vegetables, seafood, or cheese. Quiche Lorraine, a popular variant, is made with bacon or lardons.  Adding Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise to your quiche recipe may not be standard practice. But with just a few dollops, you can create a creamier and extraordinary-tasting egg pie.

With the right ingredients, it can be very nutritious and filling. Soups, salads, and bread taste amazing with a serving or two of quiche. 

Egg tart (Hong Kong)

Initially only available in posh Western-style restaurants in the 1940s, Hong Kong egg tarts bear a striking resemblance to the local egg pie. Sweet custard tarts can be seen throughout the city after they rose to popularity.

HK egg tarts come with custard flavor variations. Chocolate and green tea flavors are the most popular. If you are searching for savory egg tarts, bird's nest and abalone are the top choices. You can find them at cha chaan tengs (HK-style cafes), dim sum restaurants, and bakeries.

Melktert  (South Africa)

Another sweet pie, the melktert, is a South African treat that the Dutch introduced. Unlike the Chinese egg tart, this dessert uses a higher ratio of milk to eggs. The result is lighter custard with a distinct milk flavor. 

Some recipes bake the filling into the pastry crust. Others require pre-cooking of the custard before adding it to the crust. As an added touch, the finished product is dusted with cinnamon and served warm, at room temperature, or chilled.

Bakery staples like egg pie, kababayan bread, and pan de coco are all delicious. But if you are up for a change, you may want to try out other egg-based dishes from around the globe. Take your pick from our list of delectable pies. Who knows, they might end up in your regular meal plan rotation. 

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