Meaty Clubhouse Sandwich

Meaty Clubhouse Sandwich

Fulfill your sandwich cravings with our hearty clubhouse sandwich recipe that's made yummier  with Lady's Choice Ham Spread.

Prep Time

10 min




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  • 3 pcs white bread, toasted
  • 4 tbsps Lady's Choice ham spread
  • 6 pcs romaine lettuce, washed and trimmed
  • 4 slices plum tomatoes, sliced into rounds
  • 4 slices cucumber, sliced into rounds
  • 12 pcs bacon, fried until crisp
  • 4 pcs regular, sweet or spiced ham
  • 1 pc egg, cooked sunny side up
  • 4 pcs toothpicks


  1. Toast the bread slices. Lay 3 pieces of bread and spread a tablespoon of Lady’s Choice Ham Spread on one side of the 1st and 3rd slice, and a tablespoon on both sides of the 2nd slice of bread evenly.

  2. Top the 1st slice (mayonnaise-side up) with lettuce, tomatoes, and bacon then cover with the 2nd slice. Top with lettuce, cucumber, ham, and egg then cover with the 3rd slice (mayonnaise-side down).

  3. Press the sandwich lightly then slice into 4 triangular portions. Secure with toothpicks and serve.

Serving suggestions:
potato or sweet potato (kamote) chips or
fries or
pickles or side salad